Electricity in Starkville and Oktibbeha County is supplied by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and distributed locally by Starkville Electric and 4 County Electric Power Association.  TVA has several economic development incentive programs for industrial customers. A list of these programs is available on the NMIDA website.

Supplier: Tennessee Valley Authority

  • 161 KV delivery
  • Two 500 KV substations within 15 air miles
  • 161 KV transmission line, 4 miles

City of Starkville

Distributor: Starkville Electric Department

  • 12.47 KV – three phase
  • 7.2 KV single-phase
  • One 161 KV – 69 KV primary substation
  • Two 69 KV – 12.47 KV substations loop-fed

Oktibbeha County

Distributor: 4 County Electric Power Association

  • 12.47 KV – three phase
  • 7.2 KV single-phase
  • 3-161 KV – 12.47 KV substations

Industrial Rates


Supplier: Starkville Water Department, 662-323-3505

  • Source: deep well
  • Plant capacity: 5,760,000 GPD
  • Average daily use: 2,600,000 GPD
  • Peak consumption: 4,100,000 GPD
  • Storage capacity: 2,500,000 Gal.


  • When City Provides both Water and Sewer Service.
    • $7.50 per month customer charge plus $2.15/1000 gallons of consumption.
    • Water Service Only, Including Irrigation Meters
      • $4.00 per month customer charge plus $2.15/1000 gallons of consumption.


Provider: Starkville Water Department, 662-323-3505

  • Treatment type: activated sludge
  • Capacity: 5,000,000 GPD
  • Present load: 4,000,000 GPD


  • When City is also Providing the Water Service
    • $2.15/1000 gallons of potable water consumption.
    • Sewer Only (Potable Water by Others) 
      • $4.00 per month customer charge plus $2.15/1000 gallons of potable water
      • consumption.

Natural Gas

Supplier:  Southern Natural Gas Company

Distributor: Atmos Energy

  • Maximum allowable operating pressure: 60 psi

Sample Net Monthly Rate

NOTE: These costs are provided for planning/comparison only. Certain Rider Schedules and/or Adjustments may reduce or increase the Net Monthly Rate. An individual case study with Mississippi Valley Gas is required for proper rate for each case. Rate Schedule 307 (3rd Revised – Intermediate Volume Service). Rates are among the lowest manufacturing rates in the nation.

  • Demand Charge: $3.77/Mcf of contracted demand
  • Commodity Charge: $200.00 – first 10 Mcf
  • Monthly Minimum: $200 plus contract demand charge

Small Business Incentives

Atmos Energy offers a reduction in customer charge and distribution charge for small businesses. Learn more at the Mississippi Public Service Commission website.


Telecomunications-based companies will find state-of-the-art equipment and outstanding service and support from AT&T which offers economic development rate incentives to businesses that locate or expand in the state.

Specifically, the area has:

  • Switching systems which are 1000% stored program controlled and completely digital
  • A fiber optic network
  • AT&T POP (Point of Presence)
  • An integrated service digital network (ISDN)
  • Connections to all major long distant carriers

The area is also serviced by two self-healing, Sonet based fiber optic rings for reliability and back-up. The equipment and services are constantly updated.

Internet Services

Local internet service providers offer high speed digital access including dedicated T-1, frame-relay, ISDN, and wireless connection, as well as dial-up service at very reasonable rates. Expert technical support is readily available.

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